Making the Big Easy a Lot Easier

Eat.  Sleep.  Eat.  Stroll.  Eat some more.  Stroll.  Eat even more.  If you have ever gone to New Orleans, perhaps this list of activities sounds familiar, though yours may involve beads and a whole lot of alcohol.  I’m a bit tame I guess, but I do love this city for its unparalleled culinary excellence, its live and let live atmosphere, and its beauty. Marci and I were looking for a quick weekend getaway, and New Orleans always works in that capacity.  It’s a drivable distance from Atlanta, but we didn’t want to lose so much time in the car.  You know where this is going, right?

Beautiful Jackson Square

This was our maiden voyage using the Southwest Companion PassFor the next 15 months (i.e. thru December 2015), whenever I am flying on Southwest, Marci flies with me for free.  Even if I pay with points for my flight.  No matter how many times I say or write that, I still can’t believe it.  The most amazing thing about it?  I earned it without ever stepping on a Southwest flight.  So, not only is this my first Southwest Companion Pass flight, it’s my first Southwest flight period.

We decided to do three nights in New Orleans, and we wanted to stay in the middle of the action, i.e. in the French quarter.  I looked at my various point balances and quickly realized that Starwood was my best bet.  The Westin Canal Place was going for roughly $300 a night that weekend, but I could get it for 10,000 Starwood points a night.  That’s 3 cents per point, and I’m thrilled with anything over 2.  So, hotel?  Covered.  Airfare?  Covered.  Savings?  Over $1000 for the hotel (don’t forget taxes) and around $400 for the airfare.  So, that’s about $1400 over three days back in our pockets.  What do we do with that money?  We ate, we paid for airport parking, we ate some more, we saw a show, we paid for a private limo from the airport to and from the New Orleans airport, we ate even more, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

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